49ers rotate Jimmy Garoppolo, Trey Lance at quarterback on first two Sunday drives

49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo said this week that he has spoken to former Saints quarterback Drew Brees about how to handle coming in and out of game for another quarterback.

That suggested the 49ers have been working to use Garoppolo and Trey Lance in similar ways to how the Saints used Brees and Taysom Hill. Sunday’s preseason game against the Raiders gave a glimpse into how that might work.

Garoppolo started the game and played two series that, as head coach Kyle Shanahan suggested, also saw Lance also take snaps as the quarterback. Garoppolo went 4-of-7 for 64 yards and ran for a touchdown to cap the first drive while Lance threw an incompletion and ran for a touchdown to cap the second drive. He also handed off a few times on those two possessions.

Lance took over on the third series with Garoppolo wearing a baseball cap on the sideline. That suggests the rotating is done for Sunday, but 49ers opponents will have to make some plans to see more of it in the future.