Here are Habits You Must Imbibe For High Life Expectancy

Many of us believe that people who live longer or have high life expectancy are because of genetics. However, that’s more of a myth than a fact. An individual’s genes play a much smaller role in his/her life expectancy. As per research, environmental factors, as well as diet and lifestyle, are the key to keeping you healthy and thereby enhancing your life expectancy as well.

Here are some habits to indulge in for a long and happy life:

Avoid overeating:

High calories intake may help you live longer and prevent disease. However, more research is required on the topic.

Eat more nuts

Nuts are loaded with nutritional properties. Consuming some nuts daily keeps you healthy and helps you live a longer life.

Eat plenty of healthy plant foods

Consuming a wide variety of leafy, green vegetables and fruits may reduce the disease risk and promote longevity. Adding plant foods is likely to help you live a longer and healthy life.

Stay physically active

Everyone is aware of the fact that staying physically active keeps you healthy and adds years to your life. Daily physical activity can increase your lifespan.

Don’t smoke

Smoking is linked to early death. If you smoke, it’s better to give up right away. It will significantly increase your lifespan.

Moderate your alcohol intake

Heavy alcohol consumption causes heart, liver, pancreatic diseases and is also strongly linked to the risk of early death. Maintaining a moderate intake may help prevent disease and extend your lifespan.

Prioritize your happiness

Happiness has positive effects not only on one’s mood but on lifespan too.

Avoid chronic stress and anxiety

Feeling anxiety and stress all the time may decrease your lifespan. If you always feel like this, find ways to reduce your anxiety and stress levels.

Develop a good sleeping pattern

Working on a sleep routine of 7–8 hours every night. It will help regulate cell function, helping your body heal.