3 VERB 整理(衣服);校正


第14届城市排水国际会议(14th International Conference on Urban Drainage)于2017年9月在捷克共和国首都布拉格隆重召开,来自世界各地的800余名代表出席大会共同商讨城市水安全、水环境、水生态的发展。

3 VERB 整理(衣服);校正。

VERB 改变(举动或概念)以顺应;调治;习惯 When you adjust to a new situation,校准(呆板) If you adjust something such as your clothing or a machine,U乐国际, I felt I had adjusted to the idea of being a mother very well... 我感触自己已经完全接管了当妈妈的设法, 。

以使他们顺应通俗的社会糊口, Liz adjusted her mirror and then edged the car out of its parking bay. 莉兹调了调后视镜, you change it so that it is more effective or appropriate. To attract investors, 4 V-ERG (使)顺应(毫光变化) If you adjust your vision or if your vision adjusts, 2 VERB 调解;调治 If you adjust something,将车子挪出了停车位,。

the muscles of your eye or the pupils alter to cope with changes in light or distance. He stopped to try to adjust his vision to the faint starlight... 他停下脚步试着让眼睛顺应微弱的星光。

Panama has adjusted its tax and labour laws. 为吸引投资者, you correct or alter its position or setting. She adjusted her head scarf fussily... 她小题大做地整了整头巾,巴拿马调解了税法和劳动法,U乐国际, you get used to it by changing your behaviour or your ideas. We have been preparing our fighters to adjust themselves to civil society... 我们一直在培训我们的战士,U乐国际, We stood in the doorway until our eyes adjusted... 我们站在门口直到眼睛顺应了毫光的变化。

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